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WASTE Logo"WASTE is an anonymous, secure, and encryped collaboration tool which allows users to both share ideas through the chat interface and share data through the download system. WASTE is RSA secured, and has been hearalded as the most secure P2P connection protocol currently in development.

WASTE is a software product and protocol that enables secure distributed communication for small (on the order of 10-50 nodes) trusted groups of users.

WASTE is designed to enable small companies and small teams within larger companies to easily communicate and collaborate in a secure and efficient fashion, independent of physical network topology.

WASTE uses a distributed architecture that allows for nodes to connect in a partial mesh type network. Nodes on the network can broadcast and route traffic. Nodes that are not publicly accessible or on slow links can choose not to route traffic. This network is built such that all services utilize the network, so firewall issues become moot. more information.

WASTE uses link-level encryption to secure links, and public keys for authentication. RSA is used for session key exchange and authentication, and the links are encrypted using Blowfish in PCBC mode." --WASTE

Note: For WASTE to be a friend-to-friend network "ping packets" need to be disabled.

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WASTE again

"WASTE again" is a fork of the original "WASTE" project whose development has been presumably dead for several years now. It aims at improving the capabilities of "WASTE" by adding features or fixing long known problems. The "WASTE again" 1.7-series is fully compatible to all original WASTE clients and meshes.

Please note that the experimental 16k-build can not send or download files to or from any legacy WASTE or WASTE again clients (chatting however is still possible)!" --Waste Again

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