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     Share Tutorial
Share Logo1. Download and install Share to the folder of your choice.

2. Download the English language locale / hint / readme / info files from and save them to the folder you install Share into, overwriting the original Japanese language files.

3. Cluster keywords are unque to Share & Winny. Users with the same keywords are grouped into clusters. For example if you are sharing and looking for Japanese anime then having anime as one of your cluster keywords will group you with other people sharing and looking for anime.
NOTE: If you are looking for things in English include English as one of your cluster key words.

4. In Settings => Clusters... add in some cluster key words and select 5 of them to use.
NOTE: Choose clusters for content and language that is similar to what you are going to be seaching for.

5. In Settings => General settings... => Network add in a Max upload and download speeds and a Port number.

6. In Nodes click the Add node button.

7. Enter some Encrypted node addresses from the lists on the sites below into the box and click Add and then Close.

8. You can now Connect to the Share network.
NOTE: If you have problems connecting press Disconnect All and go back to Step 7 and add in more Encrypted node addresses then try connecting again.

9. In Folders click the Add folder button to folders to be shared.

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